Yvonnick Prene, presents “Jour de Fête” his Debut Album.

“Jour de Fete” is my first CD as a leader for Steeplechase Records. This album is  personally significant to me as a composer as it will feature seven  compositions of my own. Each song is an echo of my experiences living in New York City for the past four years and reflects the varied  influences of music that inspire me, including jazz, Hip Hop and  Brazilian Music. My vision for this debut album is to take the harmonica into uncharted territories, expose it to challenging situation, and in  the process create something pleasings for the ears. I want you to join the party, feel the rhythm behind the pretty notes and hopefully make you want to dance to my music. Let’s the festivities begin!

Records cost money. $3000 is the minimum amount to get this album produced in the way I envision. Steeplechase Records are only distributing the CD! I have to pay for everything else including musicians, mixing, mastering, design and promotions. I have already spent 3500$ and I need more fund in order to mix and promote the CD. As you can see there are many costs in making a CD, so your contributions are much needed and appreciated, no matter how large or small.

Kickstarter is an online platform for independent artists to raise funds in a totally new and exciting way, and we’ve just launched our page with info about the album, a video, and list of rewards you can get for your support!!

NEW ALBUM click to contribute or to listen to a few songs from the record.