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5 Common Mistakes Made by Harmonica Players

I would like to talk ab​out five most common mistakes made by harmonica players.1) Blowing and Inhaling too hardMost likely, after you’ve picked up a harmonica for the first time and started playing the first bottom notes, I’m sure you probably thought your harmonica was broken and you were ready to ship it back to […]

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Harmonica Studio

  Everything you need is right here at Harmonica Studio! You’ll find over 400 step-by-step courses for chromatic harmonica. Start your free trial today and be ready to take your playing to the next level. Harmonica Studio

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Melodic Minor Scales and Modes for Chromatic Harmonica

Want to know how to improve your harmonica technique ? Want to create interesting jazz solos? Knowing your melodic minor scales will be very useful in your musical development whatever style you like to play from rock, blues to jazz.In this book I’ll show you how to play  the 12 melodic minor scales throughout a variety […]

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Major Scales & Modes for Chromatic Harmonica

Want to be a better harmonica player? Want to create interesting solos on the fly? Knowing your major scales is an essential tool for any harmonica player interested in improvisation whatever style you choose from rock, blues to jazz. In this book I’ll show you how to learn and practice the 12 major scales throughout […]

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