NEW Saturday Group Harmonica Classes at Caffe Vivaldi (Village)

We just started Group Harmonica Classes at Caffe Vivaldi on Saturdays morning.
Classes are for many levels from beginner to intermediate ability levels. We will be going over a variety of techniques and repertoires to work on including playing & learning songs, blues & tongue-blocking techniques, phrasing, rhythmic techniques, and playing with all different types of grooves.

But wait, that’s not all…

There will also be a concert held during the last class! You will play your favorite songs accompanied by a professional blues band. An occasion to invite your family and friends to see you performing on the stage of Caffe Vivaldi! New York Harmonica School is now open for new student enrollment. All you really need is a harmonica in the key of C and A!

Enrollment is limited to 6 students per class!
The price is just $280 for 10 weeks sessions (10 hours). Or $94 per month (February-March-April).

Please visit our Group Class page to register online at