Spring Harmonica Workshop

What if you could play your favorite songs with a professional band and receive precious feedback in a comfortable environment?  

  • You'll learn how to play with a band
  • Blues Improv'
  • Build confidence on stage 
  • Jam with other harmonica players
  • Play your favorite songs with New York finest musicians
  • How to use a microphone
  • Get a video of your performance and share it with friends
  • ...and a lot more!

Bring your harmonicas, your questions,  and most of all, your enthusiasm and desire to grow.  ​Reserve your spot today!


This workshop is for anyone who has a desire to improve and have fun. Each participant will prepare 1-2 songs to perform alone with the band​.  We'll also play all together "When The Saints Go Marchin' in " and "The New York Blues Suite".

How Much

$45 will go toward the room reservation and paying the musicians.


The workshop will take place at Michiko Studios on Stage 1. Located on 140W 46st Second Floor


Sunday May 19th from 2.30pm to 4pm 

Past NYHS Harmonica Workshops: