Course Syllabus

  • Week 1

    Technique: How to Hold Harp/Using Hands, Breathing exercises, Three important Harmonica Effects, How to play chords, Articulation, Chugging.

    Repertoire: LES Blues (Yvonnick Prene), Train Song (Trad)

  • Week 2

    Technique: Wah Wah Effect, How to play single notes, The C Major Scale, Third Intervals Exercise, Breathing Control Exercises. Tablature for Harmonica

Repertoire: Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters), C Jam Blues (Duke Ellington), Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Trad)

  • Week 3

    Technique: Triple tonguing, Blues Riffs, The C Major Pentatonic, 2nd Position or “Cross Harp” ,Understanding Basic Theory

Repertoire: Piano Man (Billy Joel), When The Saints Go Marchin’ In (Trad), Oh Suzanna (Trad)

  • Week 4

    Technique: Bending Hole 1,  Blues Riffs,  The D Minor Pentatonic,  Rhythm/metronome exercises, The I, IV and V Chords, 12 bar Blues Structure

Repertoire: La Vie en Rose (E. Piaf), Summertime (George Gershwin), Dust my Broom (Elmore James)

  • Week 5

    Technique: Bending Hole 4, Throat Vibrato,  Ear Training and Harmony Exercises, Improvisation Devices, The Shake

Repertoire: I Will (Beatles) , Got My Mojo Working (Muddy Waters)

  • Week 6

    Technique: Bending Hole 6, Blues Improvisation, Dominant Chords, Advanced Blues Riffs, Tongue Blocking Technique

Repertoire: Boogie Woogie (trad), Come Back Home Baby (Trad), Watermelon (Herbie Hancock)

  • Week 7

    Technique: Bending Hole 2,  Improvisation Devices, How to build a Solo, Blow Bends Technique

Repertoire: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen), Caledonia (Louis Jordan), Turtle Walk (Lou Donaldson)

  • Week 8

    Technique: Bending Hole 3,  How to play with a band, Playing Octaves, The Blues Scale, Understanding The Shuffle Blues,  Chord Study :Maj, Min, Dim, M7, Mm7, m7

Repertoire: My Babe (Little Walter), Easy (Big Walter Horton), Hudson Blues (Yvonnick Prene)

  • Week 9

    Technique: Overblow on Hole 4,  Advanced Improvisation Devices, Triplet Rhythm, Playing in 3rd position, The G Mixolydian Scale

Repertoire: St Thomas (Sonny Rollins), Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson), Juke (Little Walter)

  • Week 10

    Technique: Overblow on Hole 6, The Chromatic Scale, Advanced Improvisation Devices, Arpeggio Study

Repertoire: Work Song (Nat Adderley), The Chicken (Jaco Pastorious), Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker)