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cafe vivaldi

NEW Saturday Group Harmonica Classes at Caffe Vivaldi (Village)

We just started Group Harmonica Classes at Caffe Vivaldi on Saturdays morning. Classes are for many levels from beginner to intermediate ability levels. We will be going over a variety of techniques and repertoires to work on including playing & learning songs, blues & tongue-blocking techniques, phrasing, rhythmic techniques, and playing with all different types […]

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steeplechase records

Jesse, Michael, me and Javi in the studio…

From left to right, Jesse Simpson (drums), Michael Valeanu (guitar), Yvonnick Prene (harmonicas), Javi Santiago (piano). This was taken in the studio in Paramus at the end of the first day. Or and Owen had already left the place. We look quite tired after the session but very happy with the result! The next step […]

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