Offering the Hohner Xpression And the Golden Melody v2 with a few extra perks!

Hohner Golden Melody in C 


  • Free
     Reed Adjustment
  • Plastic, red comb
  • Standard (Richter) tuning
  • 10-hole diatonic

I'll provide  a free reed adjustment to make it more responsive. The harmonica will be provided during your harmonica lesson.


Hohner Xpression Chromatic Harmonica


  • Free
     Reed Adjustment
  • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 48 Brass Reeds
  • ABS Black Comb
  • 12 Hole

I'll autograph the box and give you a free reed adjustment to make it more responsive for people who ask for it. 

New York City, New Jersey

917 428-4245


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