Harmonica Repairs

Sometimes we need to get a reed fixed,  install a new set of valve or just try out a customized comb on an old Marine Band.  Instead of throwing it out right away maybe you can send it to get repaired and save a few $$$ (less chances with a cracked wood comb)… I would […]

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Harmonica for Health

Music is an universal language. Research shows that music can positively affect our health and well being. The harmonica is unique among the wind instrument as it requires both inhaling and exhaling. By practicing simple therapeutic breathing exercises every day, you will experience health gains while having fun making music. Yvonnick is part of Musician […]

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New York City, Harmonica, Lessons, Course

New York Harmonica School Recital 2018

Special thanks to Glenn, Warren, Hao, Keturah, Veronique, Tomasz, Carlos and everyone who came out to support our awesome harmonica students! Book your first harmonica lesson today! For more informaton about hours and classes visit us at https://nyharmonicaschool.com

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