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Course Syllabus

Lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual student so some content areas may be ignored in one case and stressed exclusively in another. Repertoire includes songs by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Muddy Waters, Duke Ellington, Beatles, Stevie Wonder and more! 

  • Week 1

    Technique: How to Hold Harp/Using Hands, Breathing exercises, Three important Harmonica Effects, How to play chords, Articulation, Chugging.
    Repertoire: LES Blues (Yvonnick Prene), Train Song (Trad)

  • Week 2

    Technique: Wah Wah Effect, How to play single notes, The C Major Scale, Third Intervals Exercise, Breathing Control Exercises. Tablature for Harmonica

Repertoire: Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters), C Jam Blues (Duke Ellington), Michael Row The Boat Ashore (Trad)

  • Week 3

    Technique: Triple tonguing, Blues Riffs, The C Major Pentatonic, 2nd Position or "Cross Harp" ,Understanding Basic Theory

Repertoire: Piano Man (Billy Joel), When The Saints Go Marchin' In (Trad), Oh Suzanna (Trad)

  • Week 4

    Technique: Bending Hole 1,  Blues Riffs,  The D Minor Pentatonic,  Rhythm/metronome exercises, The I, IV and V Chords, 12 bar Blues Structure

Repertoire: La Vie en Rose (E. Piaf), Summertime (George Gershwin), Dust my Broom (Elmore James)

  • Week 5

    Technique: Bending Hole 4, Throat Vibrato,  Ear Training and Harmony Exercises, Improvisation Devices, The Shake

Repertoire: I Will (Beatles) , Got My Mojo Working (Muddy Waters)

  • Week 6

    Technique: Bending Hole 6, Blues Improvisation, Dominant Chords, Advanced Blues Riffs, Tongue Blocking Technique

Repertoire: Boogie Woogie (trad), Come Back Home Baby (Trad), Watermelon (Herbie Hancock)

  • Week 7

    Technique: Bending Hole 2,  Improvisation Devices, How to build a Solo, Blow Bends Technique

Repertoire: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen), Caledonia (Louis Jordan), Turtle Walk (Lou Donaldson)

  • Week 8


  • Technique: Bending Hole 3,  How to play with a band, Playing Octaves, The Blues Scale, Understanding The Shuffle Blues,  Chord Study :Maj, Min, Dim, M7, Mm7, m7

Repertoire: My Babe (Little Walter), Easy (Big Walter Horton), Hudson Blues (Yvonnick Prene)

  • Week 9

    Technique: Overblow on Hole 4,  Advanced Improvisation Devices, Triplet Rhythm, Playing in 3rd position, The G Mixolydian Scale

Repertoire: St Thomas (Sonny Rollins), Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson), Juke (Little Walter)

  • WeeK  10

  • Technique: Overblow on Hole 6, The Chromatic Scale, Advanced Improvisation Devices, Arpeggio Study

Repertoire: Work Song (Nat Adderley), The Chicken (Jaco Pastorious), Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker)

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