Melodic Minor Scales and Modes for Chromatic Harmonica

Want to know how to improve your harmonica technique ? Want to create interesting jazz solos? Knowing your melodic minor scales will be very useful in your musical development whatever style you like to play from rock, blues to jazz.
In this book I'll show you how to play  the 12 melodic minor scales throughout a variety of exercises and practice tips which will build your technique and improve sight reading skills. ou can utilize the melodic minor scale over major, minor and dominant chords equally well. This scale is often used by Toots Thielemans and every major jazz harmonica players to color there solos on modal and minor tunes.
This course is structured into 3 important learning stages for each minor scale designed to make harmonica learning fun and easy.
The first step: I'll show you how the scale is made, the location of sharps or flats, also where to draw or blow and when to push in the slide.
We'll practice together the scale up and down from each degree (modes) and seven diatonic 7th arpeggios.
The second step: We’ll practicing Intervals from the third to the seventh.
The third step: Lastly we’ll practice group of two, three, four, five and sixth notes throughout each scale in all twelve keys.
This book is designed for the chromatic harmonica player (12, 14 or 16 holes).